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hey friends!  w00t! 

hope you had wonderful week

:bulletgreen: every summer, i find myself going on a book rampage and this summer
has been no exception. so far i've read The Selection Series, Divergent Series,
Girls In White Dresses as well as a few others not really worth mentioning
since i didn't like them very much lol. those books are all really good though
so i highly recommend them for anyone looking for a good book to read.
Girls In White Dresses especially :heart:

:bulletgreen: i went back to writing recently since my photography has taken
quite the hiatus. i just haven't found much time to organize photo shoots
between my internship and job, but writing again has been really therapeutic.
i've been spending most of the time re-working old poems and prose so all
of the ones you see in my gallery now are pieces i'm actually pleased with

:bulletgreen: although i haven't been shooting, i have tons, and i mean tons,
of photos i still need to upload. i will be getting on that very soon but in
the meantime, check out my work on my website!

have a wonderful week :peace:


<da:thumb id="378706104"/> Nymphaea by KammFlower Stockings II by rpintor NEVER GROWN UP 5 by M0THart The Sunbolt by iNeedChemicalX BIG BANG KISS by lora-zombie... by protaqonistww21 by metindemiralaywayward soul by bailey--elizabeth

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Hey friends!

Can't believe that it's been so long since I've posted a journal entry.
Shame on me. Things this year just got so busy and I focused on my
website & Facebook Page a lot so DeviantArt got a little neglected...
But no matter! I'm back and ready to roll :dance:

:bulletblue: Summer's just started and I've already been quite busy!
I'm interning for The Lions Modeling Agency in SoHo and it's
been such a blast so far. Check out their beautiful models
on their website

:bulletblue: Also just got hired as a sales associate at Free People! :heart:
Love the clothes, love the girls who work there & LOVE the 40% discount

:bulletblue: So happy to be spending the summer in New York City!
My roommate & I just moved into our own apartment in the East Village
and I could not be happier with our new 'hood haha

:bulletblue: If you haven't already, be sure to like my Facebook Page
and check me out on Instagram too :D

:sun: I hope you're all having a great summer!


25 To Life by evyallen Seething Jazz, Blowing In The Evening Breeze by ART-BY-DOC no title by M0THart Technicolor by iNeedChemicalX
storm in a teacup by joanneyoung I Found You by alicexz Four and Six by JuliaBruno82 Spirit in the Sky by iNeedChemicalX
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I hope everyone is having a wonderful October so far :pumpkin: :heart:

:bulletblack: I recently created my own website so please check it out!
And please don't forget to like my Facebook page!

:bulletblack: Just had my first day as an intern for NYC's Downtown Magazine
and I'm absolutely loving it already. You can see their website here:

:bulletblack: School has been keeping me really busy but in the best way
possible. I am so happy to be at Parsons & being surrounded
by so many talented young artists! :)

Have a great weekend :peace:


ww36 by metindemiralay The girl who played with the foxes II by kittycrime Milky Way by BeautySpotCrafts Where do I begin... by iNeedChemicalX autumn evenings VI by laura-makabresku :thumb322887940: Hair mask by HjordisBjorg Dreams come true by LolaArtland :thumb313461265: :heart:
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Hey everyone, long time no post! :typerhappy:

So a lot has happened since I last submitted a journal entry.
But here are the two main highlights:
:bulletred: I got into Parsons The New School of Design in NYC!
I almost cried when I got the letter; It was my top choice college so it's
a real dream come true to be moving there in August!
:bulletred: I finally graduated from High School! Our ceremony was gorgeous
and it was nice to see my grade bond a little closer during Senior Week,
but I am in no way sad to leave my school. It's great, but I am so ready
to move on. Honestly, I think I've been ready since Sophomore Year :eager:

:bulletred: This summer I'm working at American Eagle Outfitters at the mall
& I got hired by the Millie Lewis Modeling Agency in Greenville, SC to take
portraits of their new models! $25 an hour baby (ka-ching!) :bow:

:bulletred: Thanks to my jobs, I now have enough money to get two new lenses
before college!! The Nikon 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G AF-S DX VR Nikkor Zoom Lens
&& the Nikon 35mm f/1.8G AF-S DX Lens for Nikon Digital SLR Cameras
If anyone has these lenses, let me know what you think of them!

I hope you are all having a fabulous summer :peace:


:thumb300974959: :thumb277773422: People by minnamr where have all the good times gone? by Eidottrio
kx177 by metindemiralay Sophie. by CaitlinWorthington light the shadows on her face by DekoratyvinisKeksas
:thumb309329914: the look to letting you goi hope i ruined
your day
like a smudge
of ink-
i like reminding you
of the things
i am sure you proudly
keep hidden,
beneath shrouds
of black,
like clouds
and that
ache my heart,
so loud
when i try
to sleep.
i have
bookmarked my skin
where you last
touched me
so that i may
open the pages
and read us
when i feel a little
less sick.
all i want is to look across
a span of space-
a floor, a bed,
the breath between
a face-
and see another
holding me like light
within warm eyes.
it is likely
we will not make it
through the night;
in this case,
i hope that,
with my last,
fast breath,
i learn to love
someone new-
someone who
:thumb290072967: :heart:
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sunset sonata ii by isamon

It was suggested by ReapersBride & featured by Kaz-D - :iconrose-from-the-ashes: & :iconkaz-d:
Thank you, thank you, thank you times infinity :thanks:
And thanks to everyone who added it to their faves, commented or critiqued.
It truly means the world to me :heart: Things have been a little rough for me lately &&
this just totally made my week so thanks again :hug:

Check out the featured pieces below by ReapersBride & Kaz-D!

"An unusual capture reflecting strong colours and a beautiful end to a day.
Sunset Sonata ii gives music a touch of color"

would be
the language of our Soul
if our Mind
didn´t constantly drown it
by Speech
Last DawnI´ll never see the next sunrise
never feel again how moonlight floods my skin
see how light refracts sparkling in dewdrops,
and illuminates the shadow of eternal silence at the cemetery,
for a couple of seconds
listen, in awestruck quietness,
to the chant of the birds in the earliness of morning
lie in the green grass and think about nothing
and everything
and fly towards the open skies
marvel at the unreal blue sky,
in blistering midday heat
walk across the harvested cornfields
in cool november mists
catch the last leaf of this year
feel the first snowflakes tickle my tongue,
and let the ice flowers sparkle
stand on top of a skyscraper
and feel mighty
Never again.
There will be a new morning
the sun will rise again
and extinguish darkness
cause light always returns
But it will return
Without me
They didn´t watch me leaving
and I passed away
in the first rays of the rising morning sun
The Ice Princessperfect by nature,
everybody´s darling,
rulebreaker number one,
queen of broken hearts,
blue-blooded whore,
scientist´s mind and angel´s body,
the ice princess - entering the stage in deathly pale grace
her eyes illuminating the world
her hands dictating the rhythm of the dance
but her lips
bursting with unspoken words
she´s wearing glowing steel, roses and diamonds
robing herself in self-indulgent coolness
in brilliant cynicism
shining arrogance
absolute self-confidence
irresistible purposefulness
superior smiles
untouchable disinterest
in the most beautiful facade
and in secrets which will never see daylight
and nobody discovers the cracks in this fragile mask
nobody´s there to fix her halo
and nobody notices
her soul
going to splinters
Fragments of You and MeI
fell in love with a stranger´s laugh
in the kitchen, Monday afternoon
He forgot his front door keys here and
concluded he had to stay for a while, so sorry
I said, if I find it I´ll throw it in the lake
locked us in the paradise garden
painted flowers on my body
and let the starlight breathe life into them
counted the times my heart skipped a beat when you called my name
stopped counting when my brain didn´t work anymore
- why did my heart still work
said you´d buy me a respirator
so you can kiss me until we can´t breathe anymore
and don´t have to fear you´d kill me
appeared in your thoughts
like a summer storm
Maybe she dived in the lake
And when you called her name
I could feel your heart skip a beat
My blood froze
My face faded to black
It took such a long time until you noticed
That my trust breathed its last
with your absent-minded smile
forgot the respirator
left you Monday morning
like wome
ChainedI ran away for the first time
because my courage had been awakened
and had said to myself
After you caught me,
you put your princess
back in your castle,
locked your little canary
in the crystal cage again,
smiled and kissed me
and said I was a good girl
My courage was still breathing
as I screamed
After you let me bleed
and replaced my gypsy blood with blue one,
erected three stone walls, dug three moats
and constructed three labyrinths surrounding us,
broke my phoenix wings
and counted the bones to be sure not one was left intact,
added some bars of the cage, made of steel, stone and diamond
and beset with heated nails,
beat my courage to death
and listened to its heartbeat until there was silence
you were satisfied
smiled and kissed me
and said: I love you
And now you put on your angelic smile
and say: Itīs all on you.
How do you imagine your future?
Am I part of it?
How will I ever be able to say
Ten Crossed-Out Letters And Unspoken ConfessionsYou asked me
why I said you were better for me
than I am for you
There are moments I´m just so tempted to
caress your cheek
the pure gesture of consolation
the simple sign that I´ll always be by your side
There are moments I just want to
put my head on your shoulder
when I´m desperate and frustrated
and need someone to be always by my side
There are moments I just put my hand
on the empty side of my bed 
closing my eyes
and fooling myself
you´d be there
There are moments I just ask myself
if our paths have crossed for a reason
and what´s this reason
and if life just wants to torture me
and if God´s just a sadist
It´s an explanation about a million words
and a million smiles
and one heart telling it´s the only truth
But it´s a refutation about 
a billion reasons to forget it
proving it´s against all rationality
It´s about a distance 
of 300 miles
or 10 years
or the speed of electrons
One click
Day Ninety Eight: Easter by Kaz-D Spring Equinox by Kaz-D Day Sixty Three: March Showers by Kaz-D Day Twenty Eight: The Garden by Kaz-D Day Eighteen: Photos and Flowers by Kaz-D A Moonlit Night by Kaz-D :blowkiss:
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Hey y'all, hope you're having a fabulous week :aww:

:bulletpurple: All my college applications have been sent! All I have to do now is sit around
& wait for my fate to arrive in the mail. So far I've heard back from 3/6 colleges
I applied to and was accepted to all of them! SCAD, NYC School of Visual Arts &
the College of Charleston. It's all so surreal, i just cannot wait to graduate.
May needs to come faster.

:bulletpurple: In the meantime, High School work has been winding down. Either that,
or I have a bad case of Senioritis; a disease High School seniors get which
entails being extremely lazy & refusing to do any work. Oh well, sue me. :movingon:

:bulletpurple: My favorite shows are all running at the same time, it's hard to keep up!
New Girl: I adore the actress who plays Nick's girlfriend, even though she's
a bitch on the show // PLL: I'm a little tired of the girls discovering pointless
"evidence" that gets them nowhere // The Voice: Christina is getting all
the best singers! This season is going to be just as awesome as the last one.

:bulletpurple: It's that time of year when Prom Drama spreads throughout the school like
wildfire. I've gone to Prom the past two years & while I do love it, I despise
all the drama that happens before it. I've always been closer friends with older
guys, so naturally no guy in my grade is planning on asking me. But that's perfectly
fine because now I get to invite one of my college buddies! I got my dress a few
days ago from David's Bridal & I love it :heart:

:bulletpurple: Hopefully I'll be having a photo shoot next week with three of my friends.
I'm trying to challenge myself by having more than one model, so I really
hope I can pull off shooting three!

Have a wonderful weekend guys :peace:


Feel freedom. by Lukreszja Forever yours, Freckles by agnes-cecile Art of Looking by object000 in all her glory.. by MELANIE4054 LANA by UCArts treat by nylonjuvenile :thumb277300866: Xana by CrystalWallLancaster Elizabeth and Mr Darcy Dance by Dinoralp :thumb265269287: Porcelain by DNY0911 All around me by fdasuarez :heart:
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:bulletpink: I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas & New Years Eve :rudolph:
This year I got the MacBook Pro, an iPhone and the iPod Classic.
Trust me, i'm not spoiled, my parents are just making up for the
fact that I've gotten terrible gifts for the past few years. Plus I'm
going to college next year so these were all definite necessities.

:bulletpink: 4 College Applications down, 2 more to go! I am so pleased to announce
that I was accepted into the Savannah College of Art and Design!! It's the
only school I've heard back from so far (I applied Regular Decision) so keep
your fingers crossed for me! :aww:

:bulletpink: Prom drama has already begun but the theme hasn't been announced yet.
I'm feeling a little screwed this year about finding a date, but I've decided
not to freak out about it until later :x

:bulletpink: I had an awesome photo shoot today with two super cool sisters.
They're style is uh-may-zing and they were super fun to work with.
I think you guys will love the pictures; Victoria & Ellen look nothing alike
and yet they "harmonize" really well.

I hope everyone has a great week :peace:


fairy boats by young-fascination Ghost Children. by PaulineRouziou kx 103 by metindemiralay Separation by Snowfall-lullaby Confessions. by akustinen warm sound III by bananowy-song you built up a world of magic by thebestfeeling Dead by JaneJune 587575 by afamjaowy :heart:
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:bulletblue: Hey friends, hope you're all doing well this holiday week!
I'm actually enjoying the non-stop Christmas music on the radio this year
(last year it made my ears bleed) so that's a good sign :aww:

:bulletblue: My two-model photo shoot was definitely a good learning experience.
It was a little distracting since the girls would talk to each other pretty often but
I managed to make them focus long enough. I think that overall it was pretty
successful, but we'll see you what you guys think. I'll upload those pictures soon.

:bulletblue: Allison didn't win the ANTM All Star Season *cries* She was so brilliant,
I just don't get it. Still think Lisa looks like a man, ugh. Hopefully Allison
will still be able to have a prominent modeling career, I can really see her
being someone's muse :)

:bulletblue: I've been having a constant movie marathon during the break, it's quite
ridiculous. Recently, these are the movies I liked & didn't like so much:
:thumbsup: Our Idiot Brother, Bella, The Help
:thumbsdown: Friends With Benefits, The Hangover Part II

:bulletblue: Yesterday I cut my hair (just trimmed the layers) and dyed parts of it.
They're like hidden light brown highlights underneath most of my hair.
I've dyed and cut my hair sooo many different ways but never like this.
I don't LOVE it, but I don't hate it at all. It's aiiiight ;)

:bulletblue: I sent in my completed Application & Portfolio for the New York School
of Visual Arts the other day!! One down, six more to go. Hip hip hurray

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas :santa:


balloons by SabrinaCichy Tap At My Window by fdasuarez M11 Life is Life by Xantipa2-2D3DPhotoM Adele. by DeniseEsposito Xayallar by aydan-kerimli Alone by evescesann sunny rain by zznzz Rain by nikiz28 Darren Criss by NinjaMiki Hihihi by nei-no Bunny Girl by MarrowMelow Leave nothing on the streets to explore by LynnGommans allison harvard by Ann-Rentgen _5405 by danchez :thumb42297896: Sisters by MariannaInsomnia :heart:
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  • Playing: with my newly dyed hair
:bulletblack: My first college deadline is January 1st and I am freaking out
to say the least. I just finished my Senior Thesis paper (27 pages) for God
sakes and now I have to deal with Application crap. Dear lord, dear God,
please get me through this UGH :cries:

:bulletblack: Enough with the complaining though. There are multiple things
that have been making me happy lately, such as New Girl. My new favorite
TV show. I adore every character, but especially Schmidt - he's precious :kiss:

:bulletblack: I have been Tumblin' nonstop && I've just found a new obsession: - it's a magical place my friends, a magical place. Especially
for fashion lovers like myself so if you're like me, look it up NOW.

:bulletblack: Laura got eliminated on ANTM All-Stars and I just about cried.
I am so so sick of Angelea staying in the competition when she's been in
the bottom two way too many times! Now that Laura is gone, Allison is
my only hope. I swear, if Angelea wins I will be livid. As for Lisa, she's talented
but I don't think she's meant for modeling. Plus i don't think she's pretty.

:bulletblack: Finished reading the Perks of Being a Wallflower and thought it
was badass. I hated Catcher In The Rye, but I loved this book. I thought it was
slightly different but the two really are a lot alike. I cannot wait for the
movie which will star Emma Watson & Logan Lerman!!

:bulletblack: Finished a photo shoot with a lovely friend of mine named Alley which
I'll be posting this weekend & I'm having another photo shoot on Thursday with
two chicas. I'm a little nervous though because it's the first time I'll be shooting
more than one girl. My teacher says she's tired of the single model shots
so I need to nail this. Wish me luck!

Have a wonderful week darlings :peace:


Snow White and the Huntsman by alicexz Seein' Stars III by FreeSpiritFotography Spider Webs by Loonaki Don't You Just Hate It by Loleia L ingenue by naeloj some kind of liberty by Lucem while you wait for the others by monstermagnet orange you glad? by bailey--elizabeth Letting Go by pinkparis1233 Little orchid by yourPorcelainDoll Deer santa... pin up by kinkei 'Real Life' Snow White by JirkaVinse toxic flower by 6Artificial6 :heart:
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  • Watching: New Girl
Drop In The Ocean by kyokosphotos Katniss by alicexz Bad news by Julie-de-Waroquier Jungle Book commission by tir-ri Gold in the air of summer by april182 edge by JuliaDunin two turtle doves by joanneyoung sertar de femeie by trimbulind i wanna do what you wanna do by umbles the world is burning down by Borboletra Bella Sky Hotel 1 by Nightline Book of Revelation II by LukasSowada Me gusto by Tania-b Because of Him by CrystalWallLancaster Twiggy by ladyshawn Hoss Intropia 2 by AndreaIllustration 90 by NKYC summer by young-fascination Road Trip by pinkparis1233 To Disappear by CameraDude :thumb180934877: .tonight we have the stars. by kyokosphotos smile by sylmac Ulysses. by MusicFromTheCeiling stylistic borders by Minzile :thumb244865204:  :thumb258510979: The Edge of Glory by maxliz55 Twinkle Star by Mitia-Arcturus :thumb257752963: :heart:
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  • Watching: New Girl
~ title from "Wouldn't It Be Nice" by the Beach Boys

:bulletred: So it's Fall Break (no school Mon or Tues) but I'm not really chilling
out like I should be. College Applications are taking over my life!! I'm applying
to Parsons, Pratt, FIT, School of Visual Arts, RISD and College of Charleston
and each school has completely different requirements (RISD & FIT are the worst).
The five art schools not only ask for essays & a 20 piece portfolio, but they
also have specific "challenge" art pieces they want you to do by following their
instructions. Fun stuff, let me tell you :petting:

:bulletred: ANYWAY. Homecoming is next week so that's my encouragement
for the next few days. And later this month is Halloween! Someone in
my grade is going to have a crazy part that night so I'm totally pumped.
Unfortunately, I can't come up with a good, inexpensive, sexy costume idea.
Any suggestions? :pumpkin:

:bulletred: For book club, I finished reading Room by Emma Donohugh. Its about a young
mother and her five year old son who are prisoners of the man who abducted the
mother when she was 19. She's been in an 11x11 room for seven years and after
her second year in captivity, she gave birth to her son - who is also the son of her
creepy kidnapper. It's a twisted, dark book. I honestly wouldn't have read it if it
weren't for book club, but it was still really interesting. So I suppose I'd recommend
it for those who like darker stories.

:bulletred: I've been watching the ANTM All Star Season and I definitely have comments
about that. (1) What is Alexandria doing on this season?! Everyone hates her &
she is the least talented person on the show right now (2) I don't think Lisa,
Dominique or Angelea look very model material, they're not that pretty & they
have odd bone structures, no offense. (3) My absolute favorites are Allison and Laura!!
I loved them from their own ANTM Cycles so I was super excited to see them get
a second chance :)

:bulletred: Although I knew he was sick, i was still shocked to hear about Steve Jobs.
He was a brilliant mind and an incredible visionary. RIP Steve Jobs, thank you
for giving us the iPod and your other vital inventions. Apple won't be the same
without you :heart:

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend!

Much love :peace:

Lose control by EliseEnchanted :thumb261102995: Mirror mirror by Claparo-Sans thetimeofmylife by iiStudent 1002 by Tim-lee :thumb261298114: :thumb261157867: Come Before My Forest by jonniedee :thumb262142363: recomposicion by LuizaLazar Keira Knightley 9-2011 by khinson We are one... by Samantha-meglioli :heart:
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  • Watching: America's Next Top Model All Stars
  • Eating: Animal Crackers
  • Drinking: Orange Juice
~ title from "Stay Or Leave" by Dave Matthiews Band :music:

:bulletpurple: One month of Senior year has passed and I already feel like I want to
shoot myself. There are so many things constantly going through my mind that I
NEED to do. Like Senior Thesis, College Applications, Artwork, Homework etc.
It never ends, I swear :doh:

:bulletpurple: AP Art has been going well though. I have to create an image every two
weeks but during the actual class time every day, my teacher is letting me work on
the pieces that will be in my college portfolios. So far, I've done a tissue paper collage
and I'm finishing up an ink & pencil drawing

:bulletpurple: Writing-wise, I'm pretty dried up. A recent event clearly inspired
me for my recent pieces. But I think I'm slowly moving on, trying to get past it
- which is great, but unfortunately, I write my best works when I'm sad. Weird. :bucktooth:

:bulletpurple: Senior year does have it's perks, there are lots of fun events to attend.
Tonight I'm going to see our High School Fall Drama, The Crucible. I loved reading the
play by Arthur Miller Sophomore year so I'm really looking forward to this!
And Homecoming is a few weeks away so I'm definitely getting pumped for that.
This year the theme is Superheroes and we Seniors are Superman ;)

I hope everyone has an awesome weekend!

Much love :peace:


dans by bailey--elizabeth face by rchaem Imagine by Ev-sta fashion5 by Tim-lee :thumb245364693: thoughts. by M0THart sorrow by Lumi7 maharani II by ma0amka Peace In The Storm by ifsantag :thumb256923796: A deep breath of freedom by iiinesMushie :thumb245476894: :heart:
  • Mood: Content
  • Listening to: Trouble - Coldplay
  • Reading: Room by Emma Donoghue
  • Watching: America's Next Top Model All Stars
  • Eating: Chick-Fil-A
  • Drinking: Sweet Tea
~ title from "Heart Skipped A Beat" by The XX :music:

:bulletpink: Summer is over and I'm getting myself back into the groove.
Just finished the first week of Senior year and I must say that I'm pretty excited
to see what's in store for me and my friends. :aww:

:bulletpink: This year I'm taking: English Honors, AP Probability&Statistics,
Government&Economics, Psychology, AP Art, German & Journalism

:bulletpink: I have yet to pick a theme for my Art AP class which I need to do by
tomorrow (yikes). I decided to do the 2D portfolio since my medium is photography,
and I know I like doing portraits, but it's so hard to pick a theme I'm going to have
to focus on all year (and hopefully get 12 solid pieces to send in). Wish me luck!

:bulletpink: So another guy has come and gone, but what can
I say, that's the way it goes. I'm enjoying my time with my buddies and
that's more than enough for now :smooch:

:bulletpink: I finally gave into the whole Tumblr thing and I'm already so addicted!
I really recommend all artists to get one because the people I've been following are
always so inspiring - I haven't had any kind of artist block in a good while.
Check out my page

:bulletpink: The VMAs is tonight and I cannot wait to see what Lady Gaga will
pull off this year. I'm rooting for Adele, Foster The People, Lady Gaga,
Katy Perry, Eminem, etc. It's sooo hard to choose!

I hope everyone had an amazing summer! Just because it's over,
doesn't mean you can't party like it's still going on ;)

Much love :peace:


:thumb255007177: I Have a Little Secret by Piddling Hearts on Fire by LaurenCalaway roamer by bailey--elizabeth Mars by kittycrime The Seraph in Slumber. II by AileenLuib Fresh bred by HaleyCage :thumb214555765: Katara by fogke Colourful by ntpdang t o g e t h e r by patrycjanna drumming noise inside my head by leeninek sunrise, sunrise... by leeninek :heart:
  • Mood: Isolated
  • Listening to: Love Lost - The Temper Trap
  • Eating: Pizza
~ title from "Losing My Religion" by R.E.M :music:

:bulletblue: With the end of another school year and the beginning of summer
things got a little crazy, hence the lack of Journal & Gallery updates. But I'm
somewhat back on track now & just finished going through the 10 000
Deviation Notifications :faint:

:bulletblue: Pretty Little Liars is back on but it hasn't overshadowed my obsession
with The Voice. I cannot wait for the finale next week! All four contestants are extremely
talented but I'm rooting for Vicci & Javier, mostly Javier just because he has a family to
support and has had a rocky road in the music biz.

:bulletblue: Summer is the best time to read so I thought I would make some
suggestions for those of you who are looking for some good chick novels
~ The Summer I Turned Pretty [trilogy] by Jenny Han
~ Lock and key by Sarah Dessen
~ Peaches [trilogy] by Jodi Lynn Anderson
~ Water For Elephants by Sara Gruen

:bulletblue: On that same note, I've been uploading so much new music lately,
it would be a crime not to share these awesome songs with yall
~ 15 Minutes - The Yeah You's // ~ So Happy I Could Die - Lady GaGa
~ AM/FM Sound - Matt & Kim // ~ I'm A Lady - Santigold
~ Move Your Feet - Junior Senior // ~ Sun's Gonna Rise - Citizen Cope
~ Kids - MGMT // ~ Vultures - John Mayer
~ Counting Stars - Augustana // ~ Blindsided - Bon Iver

:bulletblue: I've been juggling school summer work, college stuff, my job & senior
thesis but of course I'm going to have to work on my portfolio this summer too so
at some point this summer I'm going to be having a good number of photo shoots.
Keep an eye out for those!

I hope everyone's having a fabulous summer :blowkiss:

MEGA Feature! :heart:

295. :Butterfly to Be: by bittersweetvenom effy stonem by boots888 Waisted Vessel by LauraTringaliHolmes :thumb211795318: Soowan II by Laura-Ferreira shebeatmewithherpurse5 by josephhaubert Swarm by Carnegriff :thumb208070010: 70s Revival II by Vinyl-Disco many times before by SabrinaCichy Eye of the Owl by ovoquill :thumb210625162: Rabiosa by letvphotos :thumb199924507: Free Me From this Rotten Cage by toyamadoodlesing93 courtesan by tknk Sugar Rush by azrael-x64 umbrella bw by athrawn SANDRA by TheSweetBlackMadness Still Praying by rosadarling technicolor lover by deftbeat :thumb193434190: Somewhere in between 2. by Heartletter :thumb201323012: Manga girl by Saina6 yellow frowing violet by thomassaliot :thumb212869119: watson_paint_09 by itsajackal DUALITY by hirsch-hirsch JUMP by 0Gutter-Glitter Nature's Beads by Cluke111
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Alright, so it's been a while since I've written a journal.
Honestly I just had nothing to say.
Life has been kind of "meh" yknow? - -'

But anyway...

:bulletblack: I know I haven't really put up any artwork lately...
I've been ridiculously busy but once it dies down, I'll make a fierce comeback!

:bulletblack: Finally saw Disney's Tangled which I LOVED :meow:
I'm sorry, I'm a Disney geek, what can I say? I always have been!
Flynn is quite possibly the funniest (and hottest) Disney character ever
and Rapunzel is so ridiculously cheerful, it's precious.

I know not who you are,
Nor how I came to find you.
But may I just say...

- Flynn Rider aka Eugene Fitzgerald :heart:

:bulletblack: On America's Next Top Model, Alexandria still hasn't been
sent home - surprise, surprise. Tyra is just keeping her for the sake of the
reality TV business, why else would she be putting up with all that
bitchiness? My Top 3 are Brittani, Molly & Hanna

:bulletblack: Prom is next Saturday so I'm pretty excited about that!
Once it's finally finished a huge weight will be lifted off my chest &
I'll be able to really enjoy it. It has been stressful all year but I've enjoyed
every minute of it, seriously.

Don't forget to check out my latest poll!

Hope everyone has a great week :blowkiss:

Tangled Fan Art Features!

Flynn Rider by MidnightZone she finally said yes by viria13 How ya doin'? by Arbetta Together by Grodansnagel :thumb201166696: Rapunzel by namine1245 :thumb199939200: Her Thief by Tella-in-SA The Lights by alicexz  My Tangled Photoshop Painting by heidihastings And at last... by alicexz :heart:
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:bulletred: Found a random questionnaire on Facebook and since I've
been so bored out of my mind lately, I actually decided to do it.

1. What time did you wake up today?
4:40AM - thank you insomnia
2. Name something you can't wait for
watching Pretty Little Liars and finding a Prom dress!
3. Are you happy with the way things are going in your life?
kind of, sort of
4. When you're bored in class, what do you usually do?
write the lyrics of the songs im currently obsessed with or doodle
5. Where did you go last night?
nowhere, i sat on my couch and watched The Ring
(my favorite horror movie!)
6. Anything particular about tomorrow?
nope, just trying to survive
7. The top your wearing, when did you get it?
i made it for my Homecoming Week, it's a Thing1/Thing2 remake
(from Dr. Seuss)
8. Do you like someone?
i gave up on relationships a while ago
9. What jewelry are you wearing?
five rings and earrings
10. What were you doing before this?
practicing piano

T H E  E N D  - Wasn't that enlightening? :sarcasm:

:bulletred: Just created another group and I would really appreciate it
if you could all check it out! WriteFromYourHeart  is for people of all ages to
dig deep inside their hearts and express their feelings through their
emotional poetry or prose


Also, don't forget to check out my other group! :thumbsup:


:bulletred: Prom is in four weeks and I still don't have a Prom dress or know
where I'm sitting for the table arrangements in the ballroom. Talk about stress.
Honestly, I feel that Prom isn't fun except the actual day of it.
Everything before is just pointless drama and anxiety. :roll:

:bulletred: Anyway. I finished this book called A Thousand Splendid Suns by
Khaled Hosseini (same author as the Kite Runner) and I really liked it!
Not my fave book ever, but it's extremely well written and very touching.
I definitely recommend it along with the first Pretty Little Liars book of the series
by Sara Shepard which I just finished yesterday! Can't wait to read the next ones...

:bulletred: Oh and check out my poll! I am very curious to see what age you all come up
with. I might even tell you my real age once enough people vote!

Hope everyone has a great week!
Daaamn. This was a long entry. Sorry bout that folks. :giggle:


Windswept by JessicaMDouglas Retreat by CrystalWallLancaster sticks and stones by xinspirational Impossible by jteh Another Whip by Stridsberg :thumb194858654: buho mio by roxagrama Cooling desire by Tamerlana No... by OanaRayne saltwater by ron-z 005 by KoValery :thumb198941697: never go away
forever, i'll say,
never go away,
cos my life's
better with you in it.
i promise, nothing's a better fit.
baby, never go away,
please, oh please, won't you stay?
'cos i know if we're together
it'll always be okay.

for every pot of gold, i'll find the leprachaun that put it there.
if i ever wrote a song it'd be about you, i swear,
and if we ever get separated, i'll find you from anywhere;
i'll do whatever it takes, honestly, i really don't even care.
i told you the other day, how easy you make my heart tear,
but i also said it's worth it, 'cos you're oh-so extremely rare.
like a four-leaf clover found in a patch just to compare.
and to think that all this started with one small game of truth or dare.
but still, i'd say,
never go away,
cos my life's
better with you in it.
i promise, nothing's a better fit.
baby, never go away,
please, oh please, won't you stay?
'cos i know if we're together
it'll always be okay.

if there was ever any way for us to be attached by the hip,
Heart Runs Dryno tears left to cry
When your heart runs dry
It withers and cracks
From your emotional lack
as time passes day to day
will my heart be healed
or just blown away
like dust in the wind
like your feelings for me
you built me up
you tore me down
forget me here
just let me drown
hopes and dreams are gone today
my heavy debts are left to pay
shattered pieces in my hand
throw them down into the sand
will I ever be whole again
will I always be tossed into the wind
will I always be dry and calloused within
will I ever know love's warmth again
will my broken heart ever mend
you built me up
you tore me down
forget me here
just let me drown
my sorrows away
forget the hurt
forget the pain
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S P R I N G  B R E A K is finally here! :dance:

:bulletpurple: I get one week off of school but I still have a ton of stuff to do.
I don't really mind, I'm just ecstatic I'll get at least 6 hours of sleep

:bulletpurple: Cannot wait for Monday's PLL episode :meow:
I'm going to cry if Caleb leaved the show lol

:bulletpurple: Just created a group and I would really appreciate it
if you could all check it out!
JustDreamingOutLoud justdreamingoutloud.deviantart… Whoever you are and wherever you're from,
come and express yourself through your artwork! This group was created for
all artists to come together and celebrate not only art, but each and everyone's
creativity and uniqueness

:bulletpurple: I've been doing a lot of self-discovery stuff lately because
I'm freaking out about college. I have a pretty good idea about where I want
to go location-wise (Chicago, Boston, NYC & London) and what areas
I want to study (Fashion Photography/Journalism) but obviously don't know
what I want to go into specifically which is driving me nuts because I only have
like 7 months to figure out my future... wish me luck on that. :worry:

:star: But on a much lighter note - To celebrate this short but much-needed break,
I'm doing a mega feature to thank all these incredible artists for inspiring me.

You are all so amazing :blowkiss:

trapped love by blondepassion lina... by zavas Starchild by pro-non Childish by DustyLeaves :thumb199674833: Colors by Basistka  The City of My Childhood by endegor Hand Prints by manpreet-kaur123 :thumb199213909: vigorously,cordially,earnestly by LizCohn efemeride-6 by DanNeamu Lily by alicexz Majesty by ltsamanda Funky Love by cande-knd Best. Day. Ever. by Evansa :thumb198775363: Here It Goes AgainOh boy.
Love's a rollercoaster.
To my dismay, you're sitting next to me.
I'm strapped in too tightly.
We're going up the hill, and then
We drop.
It's amazing and thrilling and breathtaking.
We turn sharply and I'm thrown into you.
Didn't see that coming?
Me neither.
There's another drop coming up.
"Here it goes again."
Three wishesWhat would your three wishes be?
If you had three wishes
What would those wishes be?
Perhaps to live forever
You know, immortality?
Or how about a pair of wings
To lift you to the sky?
Or maybe meet your Prince Charming
A dashing, handsom guy?
Or what about telepathy
Secret access to the mind?
Read the thoughts of others
Or control them from inside?
What about world wide peace
To protect the Earth from war?
Or save the lives of innocent
From those who break the law?
Then there's also time travel
Why not revisit your time line?
Or maybe even time control
Now thats what I call "killing time!"
If you had three wishes
Which wishes would you choose?
Hurry up, the genie's waiting
You've got no time to lose!
So tell me, if you had three wishes what would you wish for?
& :thumb198658457: :heart:
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:bulletpink: So every year, my school puts on a huge musical and this year they chose
to do "Hello Dolly". We went to see it last night and I was completely blown away!
I wish I had a fraction of the amazing voice those kids have :sing:

:bulletpink: Almost finished the book Water For Elephants!! I'll have a review for that soon...

:bulletpink: For piano class, I've been learning Amazing Grace, Hey There Delilah
and 100 Years. Haven't been able to practice that much so my teacher was a little irritated,
but I've got Hey There Delilah down perfectly! It sounds just as nice on the piano as it does
on the guitar from the original song

:bulletpink: Not that much else to say, our break is one week away and I don't really
have any specific pans for it yet, but as long as I can sleep in then I'm good :thumbsup:

Hope everyone has a great weekend! :wave:


Loose ends by PlastikStars :thumb196198338: You Had Me At Hello by EaGlELFC Katy Perry PinUp by madmoiselleclau Budapest ::4 by MisterKey once upon a childhood by bkitten1 I Miss You by Cute-And-Bright Blue Ocean.I jumped down in a sea of hope
That drowned in the ocean waves.
I might as well swallow in the blue water and drown.
Dear life,
I'm not asking for a perfect life,
I just want a little happiness.
& SearchingWhat is the purpose?
Life is a crescendo,
gradually rising,
eventually to decrease into nothing.
Why do we bother?
We are simply an hourglass,
just emptying,
and emptying...
We always search,
for a purpose,
something larger,
something larger than our small life.
Some never stop searching,
some give up,
some find a seemingly fulfilling purpose,
but in the end,
we are all still searching.
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  • Reading: Water For Elephants - Sara Gruen
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:tighthug: :sarcasticclap:

:bulletblack: So Monday is Valentine's Day aka. Hallmark's Holiday and I'll be at school
forced to watch all the couples snog and cuddle around the lunchroom - GAG

:bulletblack: The Sadie Hawkins Dance was yesterday and was completely bogus.
The only time I really had fun was at the dinner I went to right before.
We were 7 couples in this Chinese restaurant and basically spent
the whole time laughing instead of eating haha

:bulletblack: This year, I joined the staff of my school's literary magazine called the Delphian where
students can submit their written pieces and artwork to go along with it.
Next year, I'm going to be the editor so I'm really really excited about the whole process!
I'll be submitting 4 poems in this year's magazine and some photographs. I'm currently
helping the editors get all the works submitted; it's not hard, it just takes time.
But I enjoy it so I don't mind :reading:

Well I hope all of you happy couples have a great Valentine's Day & that all the single people
(such as myself) enjoy Single Awareness Day!


lady. by CaitlinWorthington Gravity by alicexz Just another day. by Sea-of-Ice Thanks for your support by kinkei bw 03 by metindemiralay kristen stewart by chemcial23 GravitySometimes I wish the Earth had no gravity
For then maybe I could take you with me
We could float above the stars
And then the world would seem like ours
For if the truths in life were to become false
The unthinkable could become impulse
You could finally see the real me
And together we could finally be
But for now this is my reality
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  • Watching: Pretty Little Liars
:bulletred: SUPERBOWL SUNDAY : Steelers lost. Not cool.
I don't even really like American Football that much, so it's not that depressing
Black Eyed Peas at halftime was epic though!!

:bulletred: My photo shoot with Brogan yesterday was full of failures, but I'm pleased with the results!
It ended up being heart-themed which is perfect for Valentine's Day coming up
However, I still think that it's worst "holiday" of the year if you ask me :-X

:bulletred: The Sadie Hawkins Dance is this weekend, so I'm pretty excited about that although
it could be a little awkward... if there's music + dancing then that = a good time for me!

:bulletred: Planning another photo shoot soon hopefully with some Senior girls which should
be a ton of fun! :D

:bulletred: Check out my latest poll! I'm pretty curious about the results there...


:thumb196273083: more or less definite by ShadyBlues mazeA world with the color he had left behind,
The roots of sanity that escaped from his mind,
Faith towers above him like the legend it is,
As the murmer of souls whisper to him,
He is given no strength,
No love, and no fate,
To continue the journey through a blind maze,
And find his way out of a constant daze.
Love and reality crash in his mind,
And he remembers the world that he left behind,
This world seems so distant, dying and fake,
But it's the last image that has given him faith,
This is his hope, his destiny to find,
The hidden remains of his slightly sane mind.
Hazy by burdge Capitalism Madness by oO-Rein-Oo :thumb195490527: UNDO by golfis What a Book by ashwara :thumb179373522: :heart:
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